Your colour, your design with our new Matrix collection

We’ve recently added the creative Matrix collection to our website – a portfolio of high quality, coloured ceramic wall tiles accompanied by matching trims and grouts. Sample boxes are available which show all 23 tile colours as well as all of the grouts and a selection of trims.

The palette gives you the opportunity to curate coordinated looks or mix and match colours to create striking design statements. The four colour groups (working clockwise from top left of the image) are:


Cool colours with warm undertones, these soft pastels work to create a sense of serenity in any space. Focused on wellbeing, these tones provide an escape from everyday life.


Simplicity at its best. These tonal colours are designed to create movement throughout projects, with the introduction of dark undertones adding light and shade to the palette. The neutral range works in harmony to provide a seamless colour scheme.


Sophisticated deep jewel tones are perfect for creating a moody ambience. These shades compliment lighter, neutral tones to create a modern and sleek interior.


Bold, bright colours which create striking design statements, the Brights range adds an element of fun to any space. Featuring primary colours reminiscent of the Bauhaus movement, this palette is designed to make you smile.