A unique system to give your project the edge

Versaflex is a high quality porcelain floor module that can be installed in seconds without the use of adhesive and grout onto most types of level substrates. Our tiles are specifically developed for high transit commercial environments and are highly resistant to impact & shock. The tiles can in most cases be installed directly onto an existing floor. 

Versaflex® can be laid and relaid as many times as you like, allowing the contractor to change out the setting at any point during construction without destroying the floor. This gives the flexibility to easily incorporate changes at any time while the floor is in operation.

The unique design and engineering of Versaflex® gives contractors and clients full accessibility through the finished floor. During the build process, other trades can also easily lift the floor and access or install services beneath.

Versaflex® has been manufactured and designed to allow for movement and flexibility. The Versaflex® system can be installed without the need for movement joints as the grout element is sufficiently deformable to take into account any movement within most floors. This allows the use of Versaflex® in areas where you would not normally consider tiles to be a suitable solution resulting in it being used on raised access floors, mezzanine floors, chipboard, and steel floors without serious subfloor modifications.

Versaflex® has cost and time-saving benefits due to its ability to be installed quickly and accurately, demonstrating excellent value for money. Faster build programmes and spending less time on-site brings sizeable savings in labour costs. Less time on-site can also result in a faster return on investment.

There are significant programme savings to be achieved using Versaflex®, reducing installation times as you eliminate the curing times associated with wet trades. This in turn limits the disruption for your client and speeds up build times. Another advantage of Versaflex® is that it can be laid at the end of the project, so other trades are not held up.

how does it work?

Overlaying flooring
made easy

The Versaflex® system has a metal sheet precision bonded to the back of the full body porcelain top surface within the carrier system creating an advanced composite construction where extra strength and point loading is required in high transit traffic areas. 

This carrier has a joining system that consists of a series of pegs which are moulded into the sides of the grid. Attachment is achieved by incorporated locating pegs which work with perforations in the coupling/grout element to pull the system together.


Easy lifting of tiles with a suction cup to give immediate access to the substrate. Damaged modules can be replaced instantly and services below can be accessed easily.

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