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Strata Concrete Hexxxa

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HEXXXA our popular three-dimensional concrete tile was born with a wish to appeal to the sense of symmetry and love toward geometric shapes, with our ever-present artistic air, stirring up the surface, and creating a system that not only occupies a plane but reaches out into the space it inhabits. HEXXXA is a true expression of our love for the inherent robustness of concrete and our commitment toward breaking conventions in the approach to this amazing material. Such an innovative shape has the ability to unleash the fantasy of designers – and we are truly happy to see this fantasy realized in first-class projects worldwide. Made using our ultra high performance (UHP) concrete, inspired by IVANKA, these tiles are available both for exterior and interior installation. Concrete is a breathing material with all its inhomogenous surfaces and cloudy appearances, and we love it as such. Being a hygroscopic material, moisture is absorbed and released from concrete as the surrounding humidity changes. The play of colour tonal differences between each pigment-dyed piece, or even on one surface, make it a living material completely different from dead, sterile plastics. Efflorescence is a feature of all cement-bonded materials and is a natural and harmless feature of concrete. The ageing of the concrete is a natural and aesthetically pleasing characteristic that influences its appearance in a graceful manner.

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SIZE: 173x200
SIZE: 173x200

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