All Tagine samples come as 20x200cm. Due to the size of this we politely request a fee of £25.00 which is refundable upon placing an order. Alternatively you can visit StudioLM to view these samples for free.

Estimate arrival time: 2 -3 weeks from when payment is received.
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Four slimtech bases with different colours and four matchable graphics in two shades: warm, cold. Tagine allows multiple combinations of graphic elements on the floor. An endless carpet to decorate the house and spaces.

While the concept of Tagine starts from matter, it transcends it, transporting it into an abstract golden ratio where invention adds greater meaning to the word decoration. Rather than working on standard sizes, Tagine uses the slimtech (20 x 200 cm) in a 5 mm thickness. The idea comes from the overlapping of two layers.

The first, more material, is a screen print that plays on the idea of verisimilitude, reproducing a wood. The second is more graphic, it is a decoration based on the reiteration of the oblique line, in four different patterns. The combination of several slats creates a zig-zag reminiscent of traditional French herringbone floors. Many combinations of layers can be obtained, the choice lying in the colours of the woods, the grains, the shades.