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30 April 2014

Tile Trends: 2014

It appears that 2014 has taken a leaf out of the 2013 look book, with many styles and trends remaining on par with the year before. This year sees tile designs remain sophisticated with neutral character; the odd splatter of greys and muted tones will appear to add light and shade to this balanced colour palette. Despite a neutral dominance, porcelain and pattern tiles make their way back into the design guide for this year too. “Both patterned and porcelain tiles still remain favourites in 2014, both trends dominating the European market for their own specific style and functionality,” claims Paul Wallis, Sales Director at Strata Tiles LTD. Beveled Metro 3D Also referred to as Beveled Subway tiles, the 3D nature of these tiles provide an added interest and depth to a basic geometric shape. We recommend our Chiaro range available in several shades and tones used by brands such as Jigsaw and Marks and Spencer.

Patterned Patterned wall and floor tiles still remain a dominant trend, as seen in 2013. The classic encaustic tile still reigns supreme providing a vintage-cum-boho feel for 2014. Patterned tiles can be used to create a European feel or a slightly edger design with mix and match patterns.


Porcelain Previously not a favourite with designers and architects alike, advanced ink jet glazing processes have allowed porcelain tiles to be transformed to appear to look like real stone, wood or quartzite, expanding the market (and popularity) for these particular tiles.


Stone effect This year sees several elements of different stone collection be mimicked in one tile patterned; stone and marble will complement each other in the same neutral colour palette created by the ink jet technology. Our Luxe range is the perfect solution available in a variety of neutral shades and tones.



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