Strata Tiles at the Building Life Cycle 2016 Featured

22 November 2016

Strata Tiles at the Building Life Cycle 2016

Company director Paul Wallis took part in the second annual Building Life Cycle event hosted by specialist refurbishment contractors Forcia Ltd. Paul took part as a member of Paddington Locomotives Team.

Teams were invited from all the areas of the building industry including clients, designers, engineers, project managers and suppliers which made the event very enjoyable.

The venue was the wonderful Sussex countryside and hills. The challenging 78km course forced the cyclists to bring out their best ability, luckily Paul had 3 good cyclists ahead of him to pull him along and the weather hit an amazing 21 degrees which helped to keep the spirits high.

There was strong competition from our fellow professionals (showcasing of aero suits and tri-bars). Whilst The Locomotives held their own and finished well, sadly they did not win.

A big thanks goes to Forcia, Terry and Bernard for a very well run event and being such great hosts and to my fellow team mates for a great day out.

Paul is looking forward to next year.


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Strata Tiles Becomes a Sponsor of The Surrey Hills CowParade

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