A New Direction for Strata Tiles Featured

22 August 2014

A New Direction for Strata Tiles

As the company continues to move from strength to strength, Directors Paul Wallis and Jonathan Wiles announce a new phase in Strata Tiles’ journey, as fellow co-founder Trevor Horsley steps down.

Strata Tiles today announced that co-founder Trevor Horsley has decided to step down from his role of Operations Director and subsequently part from the company with immediate effect; the decision comes as Mr. Horsley departs to pursue ventures new. This decision is amicable and comes with the support of fellow co-founders and remaining Directors, Paul Wallis and Jonathan Wiles.

“Since starting Strata twelve years ago all three of us have been on the most fantastic journey and learnt so much. We are very passionate about what we do, however Trevor has decided to take his expertise in a different direction and both Jonathan and I wish him every success,” explained Paul Wallis, Sales Director and co-founder of Strata Tiles “We’ve been updating our brand image to reflect the growth seen within the business over the past year,” clarified Jonathan Wiles, Customer Service Director and co-founder. “This change in course is a positive step for Strata Tiles.” Strata Tiles continues to reap the benefits of a busy and successful marketplace in 2014 thanks to loyal customers and a strong supply chain.

As a result the company has recently expanded their customer services department and marketing team as they look forward to a plethora of upcoming activities and events set to boost the company’s profile even further. “We have some fabulous new products and information packages launching this month such as our Colour Selector Wallets. In addition, we are taking part in the London Design Festival in association with a few of our exclusive suppliers”, Mr Wallis revealed. “Please come and join us for a drink and a chat!”


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