Latest Construction Update…

Construction sites previously closed due to Government restrictions around COVID-19 are starting to open up again and we are receiving orders now for delivery mid May. Strata Tiles have managed our supply chain with very little disruption and a continuation of a full service including 

  • Collection from all the major factories across Europe, all of which are open.
  • Transport from the factories, we are running a full service.
  • Delivery into sites across the UK, we are running a full service to open sites.
  • 500,000m² of UK stock for quick delivery.

 If you are looking to be on site soon please place your orders now and we will move the goods to our warehouse to mitigate any delays on your start date. So please email or call Strata now to discuss your requirements we have access to every tile available.

Call on 0800 012 1454 Or email