Essex Mansion

Callender Howorth designed this luxury contemporary mansion perched on a hill overlooking the Thames Estuary in Essex and its a gem. The house was gutted back to the brick and rebuilt focusing on creating a high-end interior design. The clients wanted the house to be contemporary with ideas that make it perfect for entertaining as they have lots of parties! Luxury Interior Designer, Callender Howorth worked closely with Strata Tiles utilising the resources at Studio62 and the knowledge of the trained staff who provided samples and technical help as required to make the project a success. luxury-essex-mansion-callender-howorth-06-1-1030x569 luxury-essex-mansion-callender-howorth-05-1030x569 luxury-essex-mansion-callender-howorth-04-1030x569 If you would like to discuss the tiles used on this project or something special for the project you are working on then please contact us.