Terrazzo Tiles CPD Seminar

As UK market leaders in the supply of innovative hard finishes, we are pleased to present terrazzo Tiles, our RIBA accredited CPD, launched in 2021. 

This CPD explores the world of terrazzo and technical stone tiles. Topics covered include how terrazzo and technical stone is made, the different aggregates and binding materials before discovering how we can use this crafted and often bespoke material to create inspirational spaces. As we explore terrazzo and its history, we learn how terrazzo has changed and developed over the decades, influenced by trends and advances in technology and manufacturing.

Our Terrazzo Tiles seminar is part of the RIBA CPD Core Curriculum: Design, construction and technology
Knowledge level: General awareness
Time: 1 hour (30-40 minutes presentation + questions)

If you’d like one of our team to present this exciting CPD or require more information, please get in touch or speak to your Strata Tiles representative.