The eco friendly designed WWF Living Planet centre in Woking is one of the greenest buildings in the UK, it has achieved an “outstanding” by BREEAM. They have included underground heat pumps and solar panels on the roof. This building portrays that it is possible to create a state of the art space situated harmoniously within nature causing minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

Strata Tiles has worked with Hopkins Architects and Partners to ensure that the materials used within the WWF Living Planet centre follow the eco friendly guidelines set. The open plan interior includes two exposed staircases, that were also finished with Strata’s MarazzoCem, supplied in full size, pre-finished treads and landing pieces.

Strata MarrazzoCem was chosen due the products unique ecological credentials, it is a composite tile comprising of 75% natural aggregates that are 100% recycled. The product is produced using a unique vacuum curing process and is supplied pre-finished so no site grinding is required. MarazzoCem is produced in over 40 standard colours whilst custom mixes and designs are also available. The same manufacturing technique is used to manufacture Strata GranazzoCem.

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