Harrods Phase 2

Harrods Phase 2

A striking bespoke design featuring natural stone mosaic tiles supplied by Strata creates an eye-catching feature at the iconic Harrods flagship store.

The 900m² marble mosaic floor had been designed to emulate a seashell’s “free flowing” format. Detailed floor patterns were handmade from natural stone mosaic chips to achieve the most organic and simple appearance and to easily incorporate the Harrods logo.

In Phase 2, Strata worked with the designers FMA to evolve the recognisable H logo in the seasonal books department. The new customised version of the logo matches the original black and white tones of the previous phase 1 logo but in a reversal pattern. FMA opted for the Strata’s Volakis and Black Tulip marble natural stone range as they are staple colours for a modern and sleek look. 

During the manufacturing process, Strata selected the stone to provide an agreed tonal variation within the materials. Once this was completed Strata began working on creating samples of the curved moulds required to produce the repeating fan pattern for the floors. These samples of the selected Volkais Stone and black Tulip were sent for approval by the design team and the client, and once completed the mosaic production began.

The mosaic was supplied as circular patterns divided into equal sections for ease of installation, all of the material was pre-treated with Fila MP90 Eco to ensure the stone was protected during the installation process, a second coat was applied prior to grouting to give complete day to day protection to the stone.  

The delivery to site was completed by mid January 2020 and the entire supply and installation of 900m² of mosaic was carried out over a couple of weeks – the seasonal books department officially opened in mid February 2020.

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