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77 Coleman

Technical Stone Marble

ARCHITECT Buckley Gray Yeoman
LOCATION 77 Coleman Street, London, UK
MATERIALS Technical Stone Marble

Situated in the heart of the City of London and historic financial district, 77 Coleman Street is just a few minutes’ walk from opulent retail and leisure offerings, high-quality restaurants and five-star hotels

Overlooking Coleman Street Gardens, construction at 77 Coleman Street commenced in Spring 2018 with the building comprising 68,000 sq ft of office space and 16,000 sq ft of retail and leisure space. It includes a four-metre high reception and breakout area as the building’s main entrance, and a new public street named Nun Court, linking Coleman Street with Moorgate.

Our Technical Stone Marble was selected by Buckley Gray Yeoman for the main entrance of the building because of its versatile nature, vast colour palette and scope of application. This terrazzo effect, composite stone is perfectly suited to this type of commercial project and is often preferred in high footfall areas due to its scratch, impact, and acid resistant qualities and because it is easy to maintain.

We were able to fabricate the large 1m slabs into grids with square inserts, a design influenced by the lighting above, mirroring the modular design and in turn creating a homogeneous feeling as you enter the entrance impactful with its high ceilings, warm open space, integrated café and shared workspace.

As you initially enter the building, the inserts are filled with an entrance mat material, then as you explore further into the building this changes to an insert of the same Technical Stone Marble but in a contrasting colour. Each small insert of the contrasting colour was glued into place at the factory before each tile was then repolished to achieve a perfect level and homogeneous aesthetic effect. Moving away from the entrance area, our Technical Stone Marble has been used in other applications including the bar area, tabletops and on the reception desk, demonstrating its versatility and hardwearing nature.

Our Technical Stone Marble is a marble-based, composite stone made using marble waste from the quarries in the Italian region of Verona. Over 93% of each piece is made using marble dust and chips that otherwise would be a waste product from the quarry and is mixed with a polyester resin to be made into slabs.

We are proud to have worked with W.B. Simpson and Sons [] on this project knowing that the flooring is a key element in bringing harmony into a large, open entrance space designed to bring people together.

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Image Credit © Dirk Lindner

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