Battersea Power Station

An eye-catching centre piece, featuring high-performance natural concrete supplied by Strata Tiles, creates a striking feature at Battersea power station.

As part of a larger renovation project, the grade II listed building had undergone a major transformation to revamp the existing architecture whilst maintaining the industrial heritage.

Architects WilkinsonEyre were tasked with refurbishing the mixed-use building, and opted for a design scheme which reserved certain elements and materials like concrete, glass and exposed steel but integrated new design interventions.

Trinity was the perfect choice for this project as it explored the depths of meticulous design and has natural and aesthetically pleasing characteristic that influences its appearance in a graceful manner, evoking a contrast between old and new.

This range combines three geometric shapes – a triangle, a parallelogram and a trapeze – which direct attention, and structure the plane to be in line with the space design concept that is installed amongst it.

Trinity is an extremely durable and resistant material as it is reinforced with high-density fibre making the surface protected from water and stain damage. 

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Harrods Phase 2

A striking bespoke design featuring natural stone mosaic tiles supplied by Strata creates an eye-catching feature at the iconic Harrods flagship store.

The 900m² marble mosaic floor had been designed to emulate a seashell’s “free flowing” format. Detailed floor patterns were handmade from natural stone mosaic chips to achieve the most organic and simple appearance and to easily incorporate the Harrods logo.

In Phase 2, Strata worked with the designers FMA to evolve the recognisable H logo in the seasonal books department. The new customised version of the logo matches the original black and white tones of the previous phase 1 logo but in a reversal pattern. FMA opted for the Strata’s Volakis and Black Tulip marble natural stone range as they are staple colours for a modern and sleek look. 

During the manufacturing process, Strata selected the stone to provide an agreed tonal variation within the materials. Once this was completed Strata began working on creating samples of the curved moulds required to produce the repeating fan pattern for the floors. These samples of the selected Volkais Stone and black Tulip were sent for approval by the design team and the client, and once completed the mosaic production began.

The mosaic was supplied as circular patterns divided into equal sections for ease of installation, all of the material was pre-treated with Fila MP90 Eco to ensure the stone was protected during the installation process, a second coat was applied prior to grouting to give complete day to day protection to the stone.  

The delivery to site was completed by mid January 2020 and the entire supply and installation of 900m² of mosaic was carried out over a couple of weeks – the seasonal books department officially opened in mid February 2020.

For more information on the natural stone marbles or any of our finishing or cleaning material used on this project please contact or contact our Guildford head office on 0800 012 1454


Tubular brass cocktail bar, Technical marble floors and dark walnut wood accent details feature within Amarone, a vibrant Italian restaurant in Aberdeen.

Taking inspiration from some of the finest central cocktail bars in the world, designers on the Amarone project looked to combine mid-century modern design with a contemporary dining experience.

Strata worked closely with the designers at DSG Di Maggio Design Group to select tiles which effortlessly fit with the restaurants vision. Using marble tiles from the Strata Elements Technical stone range, the designers selected 3 colour tones which harmoniously tie in with the restaurant furnishing.

The multi-size modular floor tiles selected; 60×120, 60×60 & 30×120, display visible marble and terrazzo flecks bring a touch of sophistication to the environment.

Made from carefully selected marble and resin, the high quality technical stone surface is both hard wearing and easy to maintain. The range also utilises marble waste from natural stone quarries which gives the tile excellent eco credentials. 

To achieve a PTV +36 on this project Strata tiles supplied the collection in a Honed 80 finish. 

For more information on the Strata Elements range or any of our finishing or cleaning material used on this project please contact or contact our Guildford head office on 0800 012 1454

245 Hammersmith Road

Strata tiles were pleased to collaborate with Sheppard Robson on the tiling specification for their recent £115 million renovation project.

Having worked with Sheppard Robson Architects since 2016, Strata Tiles helped transform the old Hammersmith property to new high-end private offices, and alluring co-working spaces, by supplying 250m² of uniquely sophisticated concrete wall cladding to the reception walls, staircases and lift lobbies. 

This recent project for Sheppard Robson client ‘Legal and General (L&G)’ created a prominent architectural addition and a sequence of new public spaces in the area’s Business Improvement District (BID).

The intricate 3000 handwoven thread artwork, a visual focal point in reception area for the Legal and General building, was created by Patricia de Isidoro from six bespoke concrete pieces manufactured by Strata Tiles to specific design drawings. 

Working closely with bespoke joinery specialists; James Johnsons Ltd, the artist; Patricia de Isidoro and concrete partner; Ivanka, Strata Tiles created this delicate, subtle concrete artwork which emerges out of the wall and encapsulates the hand woven golden thread.

For more information on the concrete range used in this project please contact or contact our Guildford head office on 0800 012 1454

To view the behind the scene of the project Click Here!



CH Chemist

Continuing their strong relationship with London based retail design specialist Dalziel and Pow, Strata Tiles were asked to work on this project based in Tralee, Ireland and helped deliver a beautiful wood effect porcelain tile throughout the new CH Chemist store.

Working with one of our favourite bespoke suppliers Strata  provided a fine detailed and textured wood effect porcelain floor tile to meet the clients brief, the build budget and the correct slip resistance. Laid in a herringbone pattern with a matching grout in a timeframe that met the clients expectations and completion date.

Liaising and working alongside Peter Harty the Managing Director of CH Chemists and his project manager Strata supplied the ID315 Strata Entic Matt SEN-02 15x90x1cm tiles, levelling compound, adhesive, grout and movement joints which ensured all materials were on site ready for installation when the tiles arrived.

This was a fantastic project for Strata to work on and all involved, including the clients are very pleased with the finished results.

For more information on the  ID315 Strata Entic Matt range or any of our finishing or cleaning material used on this project please contact or contact our Guildford head office on 0800 012 1454


Molton Brown

New fragrances are constantly being launched every year at Molton Brown, so the need to stand out in a crowded market is paramount.

Recently, we supplied our Concreto range in 60x 60cm to Molton Brown’s new stunning Bluewater Store. The aesthetic of our Concreto flooring in the VIP area embodies a unique identity which ties in the overall interior decor

The concept of the store was recognised wildly for its innovative feel and was awarded the prestigious RID’s class of 2019.

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Diamond jewellery brand VASHI has officially opened its new store in Selfridges Birmingham at the Bullring. 

Vashi presents an alternative to traditional boutiques, by bringing customers innovative jewellery in a personal yet relaxed shopping environment. With this in mind, the new contemporary space is beautifully designed showcasing our 60×120 cm Technical Stone in a clean honed finish, a perfect tile match to compliment the interior styling of Selfridges. 

This striking tile used in VASHI was selected from our STSSAM range, a cutting edge collection that is durable, functional and safe. STSSAM marble surfaces have been developed for a wide range of application, making it impact resistant and easy to maintain, yet achieves PTV +36.

If you would like to discuss the tiles used on this project or something special for the project you are working on then please contact Strata Tiles.


Installation is complete on Harrods gift shop, a state of the art luxury retail store in London knightsbridge. Our sales team have worked on this project from the initial planning stage, through to final build in over a matter of 4 weeks. They were commissioned to supply 12,000 sqft of custom-cut Volakas & Black Tulip Marble pieces which included recreating the instantly recognisable and elegant Harrods logo out of handpicked marble chips. The end result of the project is an elegant retail store with distinctive bespoke touches giving it the prestige and sophisticate look Harrods is well known for.


Bob Bob Cité

Soho’s iconic Bob Bob Cité finally opens its doors to the public on May 10th in London’s Leadenhall building. The new luxury restaurant embraces 1970’s art deco ‘Orient Express’ interior, with mid-20th century vintage design intertwined. Sneak previews of the space shows that it more than lives up to its glamorous Soho counterpart.

With a unique yet architecturally driven design concept, Strata Tiles supplied Bob Bob Cité with 400 sqm of Quartz based Technical Stone cut to 200 individual floor pieces in a jewel-box blue and scarlet tones. The exuberant colour palette and artistic design specified by Leonid Shutov sets the space apart from anything seen before.

If you would like to discuss the tiles or the fabrication process used on this scheme or something special for the project you are working on then please contact Strata Tiles.


10 Queen Street


Material: ID277 Large Format Ivanka Concrete 

Client: Riverscape, 10 Queen Street

Architect: Barr Gazetas

Riverscape is an exciting and dynamic workspace proudly occupying a prominent position on the north bank of the River Thames. This establishment recognises that today’s office workers want a space that is welcoming, spacious and modern. Responding to the client needs, Barr Gazetas refurbished the reception, atrium and external entrance of the large 1980’s office building to improve peoples first impression.

Strata Tiles were appointed by Barr Gazetas on this renovation project to supply 120 sqm of Ivanka concrete pieces in both regular and bespoke sizes. Highly sophisticated and contemporary, the Ivanka concrete helped create a modern ambience which elevated the office building.

To read more of the case study, see exclusive behind the scenes pictures and architectural drawings… 

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Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 First Direct

Material: ID106 Technical Stone Marble STSSAM Collection

Designer: Pascal + Watson

Client: Heathrow Airport Limited

Heathrow Airport terminal 5 First Direct is the security channel for first class passengers travelling through terminal 5. Strata Tiles are framework supplier to Heathrow Airport Limited. While we worked closely the design team MACE and AFL to produce this fantastic waterjet cut floor, we also engaged our supply chain. Furthermore the material is laid using our innovative dry lay system (finally please contact us for more details).